Singer / songwriter Michael Stokes was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan where he spent the majority of his childhood years. Due to the loss of his mother and incarceration of his father primarily his grandparents raised him. Growing up in what was then and still is now one of the most impoverished cities in the United States, his life as a child was met with many challenges. With little parental guidance, Michael often found himself frequenting the streets at odd hours of the night in a city that was well known for being submerged in gang violence and drugs. Living in an emotionally unstable and often violent environment influenced him to develop a cigarette habit at the early age of 10 years old. A rebellious and strong willed Michael would often find himself at odds with the local police authority ultimately causing him to follow his father’s footsteps. Reflecting on his life while incarcerated, he realized there had to be more to life.

He then faced the difficult decision of leaving his children and loved ones behind in an effort to create greater opportunities for his family and the future.

His journey from city to city included one of his most important stops to date, Atlanta, Georgia. Here he reunited with his cousin, the producer known as Honorable C Note, which allowed him time to land his first industry placement featuring on Flo-Rdas first album, song titled, “American Superstar.” Shortly after, he decided to relocate to Orlando, FL where his recent success landed him a position as a songwriter and vocal coach for Epic records.

Michael Stokes is known for his catchy melodies, detailed song writing, and amazing voice control with a body that would make one think he was a professional athlete. Most couldn’t tolerate the long route he faced into the music industry, however it put him in position to understand the business aspect of his passion. Besides his extreme talent, he has been able to transform himself into a businessman. Michael makes it a point to be actively involved, taking the hands on approach to his career. As an emerging artist preparing to drop his debut project, Michael Stokes is definitely one to look out for.